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rio 2 nigel defeat

rio 2 nigel defeat

The cockatoo orders Charlie to fire the poisoned dart at Blu, but the dart misses and rebounds towards Nigel, but he dodges it just in time. ", "Really? He is also a skilled trickster, being able to fool Tulio and his employees into thinking he was sick and injured. After recovering, Nigel heads back to the smugglers' hideout. When I bite down on your head will it go 'pop' or will it go 'crack'? Nigel responded to Blu's "Get well soon" with a sinister glare, which made Blu cringe. ", "Ah, love, it's such a powerful and... stupid thing. ", "I'll look upon those less fortunate with kindness. ", Rio 2 "I Will Survive" Lyrics Video 20th Century FOX-1. Nigel swears revenge on Blu as Gabi smothers him with affection. Nigel finds the producers and they do show interest in him - but only to capture him and show him off as a "freak". He is also Marcel’s former pet and evil henchbird, Charlie’s former boss and Gabi’s boyfriend. He was voiced by the late Miguel Ferrer who played the antagonist from Mulan. I was just on my way to claw your eyes out! ", "Perhaps, when once again adored by millions. Angry Birds Rio is the third puzzle video game in the Angry Birds series, developed and published by Rovio Mobile.Based on Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio was released for devices using Apple's iOS and Mac OS X, as well as Google's Android in March 2011. Nigel plans to attack them at midnight while they sleep, "because it's more evil". After losing most of his feathers and the power of flight, Nigel has been reduced to dancing in the streets of Rio for scraps of food. ", "An elixir that restores feathers? Nigel also has incredible singing and acting skills, shown in his songs "Pretty Bird" and "I Will Survive". ", "A little bit higher. ", "I'll soon relieve you of your domestic duties. Get me up there. Despite his loyalty to him, Nigel treats Charlie as a mere minion and often rides on his back like a horse, making Charlie carry him everywhere. After that, Nigel felt worried about him being with Gabi because frog-bird relationships are not natural (as he said in the film). The marmosets lose the battle and fail to capture Blu and Jewel. Rio 2 is a 2014 animated film and sequel to Rio. While Nigel and Charlie sleep, Gabi sings a song about how she loves Nigel, but also about how her venomous skin would kill him if they touch. Cast In Other Languages Production timeline. Nigel is also intelligent, vindictive, cunning, cruel, malevolent, arrogant, and greedy. )”, "Anything else?" Rio 2 "I Will Survive" Multi-Language Trailer 20th Century Fox "I Will Survive"'s multi-language trailer. It is currently unknown what happens to Nigel after this; he could have been freed by Tulio and Linda after finishing the observation or he could have simply escaped and planned revenge on Blu again. When they arrive at the parade, he captures Rafael, Nico, and Pedro unseen, then when Blu tries to release Jewel, Nigel ambushes him and locks him in a cage. ", "While some plan to help others, others plan to help themselves! ", "I've done it! "I was too young, too beautiful to live. He looks towards the open door as he reveals his true evil nature. Rio 2is a 2014 American3Dcomputer-animatedmusicalcomedy filmproduced byBlue Sky Studiosand directed byCarlos Saldanha. Gabi: Yay! However, as Jewel tries to comfort Blu over his fear of flying, Nigel manages to escapes the cockpit. He got these talents during his past role as a TV star. ", "Stand back, rainbows! In the second film, when Nigel enters Nico and Pedro's talent show auditions, Rafael is the only one to see that the disguised Nigel looks familiar. Nigel put his jealousy and rage to use in his role as the former "evil henchbird" of Marcel and the smugglers. ", "But my brilliant mind can uncover far more comfortable alternatives! ", "We attack at midnight hour... because it's more evil. The head surgeon Dr. Monáe, commented, "He'll live, but he'll never fly again". His flying skills were great in the first movie, but after his accident, his flight abilities have been crippled, leaving him unable to lift himself more than a couple of inches off the ground. Along the way, he liberates Gabi and Charlie from the street fair as well. However, despite Nigel's constant attempts to terrorize Jewel (just like he did with many other characters), she was not afraid of him. Nigel is then knocked into the elixir by one of the bats. ", "That means blue, by the way." Roberto is a male Spix's Macaw who appears in Rio 2.He is Jewel'schildhood friend, who unknowingly stirs up Blu's jealousy. He serves as the central antagonist of the film Rio and one of the two main antagonists of Rio 2 (along with Big Boss ). They are scared of him and chase him away. When they arrive, Nigel spots Blu at the battle. Jewel and Nigel are mortal enemies and despise each other, making her another one of Nigel's arch-nemesis. ", "This time, I'll make sure they never forget! "A flurry of furious feathers in your face!". Marcel is often seen petting Nigel and treats … Nico and Pedro seem to be scared of Nigel and could not be paid money to tamper with his temper. Heis a villainoussulphur-crested cockatoo, and the arch-nemesis of Blu and Jewel. 1 Personalities 2 Appearances 3 Role in the film 4 Trivia 5 Navigation The Marmosets are mischievous and they like shiny objects. Blu: Uh-oh. Rio: Nigel The Cockatoo By DrawingArtist3D On DeviantArt Nigel From Rio By VintageWolf On DeviantArt Nigel From Rio By Pungyeon On DeviantArt Rio- Nigel By Da-parrot-masta On DeviantArt. What's the matter? Since then, Nigel developed a rivalry with Blu and acted in a hostile manner towards him throughout the movie, constantly attempting to terrorize, humiliate, or injure Blu, who often referred to Nigel as "scary, but not cool". Charlie is a supporting antagonistof Rio 2. Blu is Nigel's arch-nemesis. ", "I certainly see your point. He kidnaps the Angry Birds along with other rare species. Lower now. ", "Is there nothing more touching than a family that helps one another no matter what? Jewel first encountered Nigel when she tried to escape from the smugglers' hideout, but was soon overpowered by Nigel due to the cockatoo's physical prowess. Nigel approaches Blu, raising his talons and preparing to kill him. Nigel, Gabi, and Charlie are driven off the ship by the humans before Blu and his family can catch even one tiny look at them. Rio 2: The Junior Novel is a written, but mlsoore descriptive version of its featured film Rio 2, showing how the characters feel towards a situation.. He almost breaks the fourth wall as he clearly enjoys the fact that he is a villain and states it when he topples over and outranks Big Boss as he says \"No one steals MY scene!\"He is very violent, dangerous, and destructive, constantly s… He liked her enough to bring her with him in his search for revenge on Blue. Went to Luiz! When Nigel was a television star, he starred in TV shows called. That's a wall. The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: During the film's climax, Nigel prevents Big Boss from attacking Blu so he can do it himself. Fernando brings the captured birds to the smugglers' hideout. Charlie is a (former)supporting antagonist of rio 2 and one of the supporting protagonists in the following installments. However, Nigel did not care much about Charlie's hunger for ants and forced him to continue the plan. Nigel and … Nigel then briefly beats Mauro for his failure, then decides to take matters into his wings and goes after Blu and Jewel himself. Nigel, still vengeful, tries to attack Blu and his family again, but Gabi drags Nigel away and showers him with affection against his will. He is the leader of the illegal loggers who are deforesting the Amazon. Loggers' defeat #6. He obeys Nigel's whims because he was promised all the … Apart from physical superiority, Nigel is also more devious than average birds, enabling him to sometimes outwit even humans. Oral Fixation : Big Boss with a lollipop, strangely. Later, Nigel hears the macaws trying to escape and tries to stop them. ", "When I bite down on your head, will it go 'pop,' or will it go 'crack'? ", "Is this the end? Nigel often called her "Pretty Bird" and constantly tried to terrorize or humiliate her. Nigel liked to torture the birds he captured and bring fear into their minds. At first, Armando wins, but Tipa says that scissors cuts rock, fooling Armando. The marmosets also appeared in Angry Birds Rio. Nigel is back! He then decides it's time to attack, and the villainous trio stealthily moves through the ship towards Blu and his family, who have fallen asleep at the top of the boat. WHAT HAPPENED?! He was able to fool Tulio and his employees at the aviary. In both situations, he laughed maniacally in response to seeing his victims' fear and injury. He is battled in the last level of Jungle Escape as the first boss character in the entire Angry Birds series. - Nigel's evil smirk. ), "So kind of you to join our little soirée. Rio 2 "I Will Survive" Multi-Language Trailer 20th Century Fox "I Will Survive"'s multi-language trailer. ". When he overhears two Hollywood producers talk about they would like to bring him back, Nigel pulls one of his trademark moves. ", "Temper, temper. He is an intelligent, manipulative, malevolent, cunning, and vengeful cockatoo who exhibited highly antisocial behavior. She diagnosed that "he would live, but would never fly again." The game was released as a marketing tie-in with the 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios animated films Rio and Rio 2, and was promoted with … He quickly enlists them as his henchmen and together, Nigel, Gabi, and Charlie follow Blu and his family, with Nigel intent on getting revenge on Blu for making him flightless. ", "Oh. Nigel runs away from them, insisting that he is a "pretty bird". He is a sadistic, psychopathic, sulfur-crested cockatoo who was once a TV star of telenovelas (Brazilian soap operas), but was replaced with a pretty parakeet from Paraguay called Patricious. Nigel overhears Blu and Jewel talking about a magical elixir that could supposedly restore his feathers and decides to follow them. She was Nigel's minion and was in love with him. His intelligence is very high; he is smarter than the smugglers and most other characters. [Nigel … Nigel is a Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo and the main antagonist in the movie Rio and Rio 2. He also treats her better then he treats Charlie showing that he has some affection towards her. Aah! Both Nigel and Gabi are still alive, proving Bia right (Gabi was lied to by her parents that she was poisonous). In the sequel, he auditions for them under the pseudonym "Bob the bird", with neither of them recognizing him (but Rafael, their partner says "you look familiar"). In doing so, he abuses their leader Mauro and threatens to give them "flying lessons" if they do not find them by the end of the day. So when Nigel sees Blu and his family nearby, he immediately desires vengeance and follows them, planning to kill Blu, but fails. ", but fails and is captured. In Rio 2, Nigel wears a bird-sized Elizabethan vest. When Blu removes some lit TNT from a site of designated trees to be demolished, Nigel prevents Big Boss from stopping him, wanting Blu for himself. Miguel Ferrer was also the first name of the voice in Big Boss. January 25, 2012: Development of Rio 2 dates back to this date. They are also smart, knowing how to use phones and use jewelry for other uses. June 10, 2012: The North American release date was revealed to be April 11, 2014. My fortune continues! When his illegal trade is put at risk by Linda and Tulio, he tries to get rid of them. Nigel and his two henchmen follow the blue macaws onto the "Céu Azul", a tour boat. Nigel rocketed out of the plane with the extinguisher. ", "I'm doomed, doomed to fret and strut without even a stage! Unfortunately, neither one of them recognize Nigel due to his feather loss and laugh at him. When the sanctuary is hit with financial problems and is threatened to be closed, Blu and Jewel embark on an epic journey to recover an ancient elixir that may save the sanctuary and their home. Since Blu defeated Nigel in the first film, his hatred of Blu grew stronger in the second film, and he held a powerful grudge against him. When Linda and Tulio find out that there are more of the rare Spix's macaws living in the Amazon, they bring attention to the spot of the jungle where the loggers are working illegally. After that, Nigel began working as a fortune-teller’s assistant at a third-rate street fair in Manaus. However, Marcel orders Nigel to bring Jewel back alive, so Nigel returns her to the cage. The third member of Team Nigel is Charlie, a mute, tap-dancing anteater. Rio 2. He is voiced by New Zealand voice actor Jemaine Clement. In the XP4 fics, Nigel is a member of the Joker Family. Later, Nigel hears the macaws trying to escape and tries to stop them. Nigel becomes interested in the idea of being a "star" again and participates in the auditions. That one is mine. Nigel gleefully mocks the macaws, but, an angered Blu notices that the fire extinguisher he used to escape his cage is close to them. Now come along, my dear. Rio 2 "I Will Survive" Lyrics Video 20th Century FOX "I Will Survive"'s official lyrics video. Charlie! ", "A little of this... a bit of that... of course a dash of this... and they'll be eating out of my wings for a change! ", "How do I distract them and get the elixir for myself? As Blu tries to fit in, he goes beak-to-beak with the vengeful Nigel, and meets his father-in-law. The chase leads into the slums of Rio de Janeiro, where Nigel collides with an electrical transformer, blacking out the whole city of Rio in the process. Gabi and Charlie try to help Nigel by shooting Blu with another poisoned dart, but it accidentally hits Nigel. Purple. Squint's defeat (in Ice Age: Continental Drift) Silas and Dobson's ... Dagda's death. ", "To quote the great Edmund Kean, dying is easy, comedy is hard! Nigel lunges and pins Blu with his talons. ", "Not quite. Cockatoo got your throat? However, before Nigel can strike, Charlie (who had been distracted by some ants in a bottle) accidentally sets off the ship's horn, waking everyone up and foiling Nigel's plan. Seems like you've had a busy day." Sylvio collapses and Nigel drops onto his belly. Perfect. In the boss fight against Nigel in Jungle Escape, very few birds (most of the time, except the Matilda) could defeat him (they could just add red spots). It's time! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Nigel is a psychopathic male sulfur-crested cockatoo and the main antagonist of the Rio franchise. ), "Never send a monkey to do a bird's job. "The croaking cockatoo doth bellow for revenge! However, the macaw is not Blu and Nigel has landed at the place where the "Amazon Untamed" auditions are overseen by Nico, Pedro, and Rafael. Huge collection of Rio HD wallpapers for Samsung M2520 Beat Techno: Rio 2016 Olympics, Rio 2016 Olympics Games, Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games, Rio 2, Rio Character Blu, Nigel Parrot From Rio, Rio, Blu Parrot, Rio, Antagonist Nigel, Rio 2, Rio Cartoon, Rafael Rio 2, Rio 2, Night Castle, Rafael From Rio Movie, Luiz Bulldog in Rio, Rio 2, Girl In Summer Dress In River, Nico & Pedro In Rio 2 He has patchy, ragged grayish-white feathers, brown eyes, and pale red bags under his eyes, which are somewhat bloodshot. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. ", "Instead of chasing that bird all over the jungle. Blu spots a fire extinguisher and hooks the bungee around Nigel's leg. ", "With those wretched birds out of the way, nothing can stop me! Just a wee bit to the left. Blu: Nigel! And it's standing room only. Big Boss is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Nigel) in 2014 film, Rio 2. ", "Ah, love. In Rio 2 Nigel returns in the second film as the central antagonist. She is voiced by Janelle Monáe. Nigel is also intelligent, vindictive, cunning, cruel, malevolent, arrogant, and greedy. ", "Hello, boys. ", "Never send a monkey to do a bird's job. Nigel and Gabi are later found by Tulio and Linda, and they are put in a cage and taken back to Rio to be observed, as Tulio and Linda believe they have "bonded". ", (Gabi: Without your performance, it's nothing.) Nigel: You will pay a painful price for your pestilence! They show surprise when his true identity is revealed. ", "Hmmm. ", "I certainly see your point, but what can I possibly do for you in return?" A honeymoon in Rio! The two subordinates of Marcel seem to be afraid of Nigel. A very bedraggled Nigel appears at the jungle floor, having survived the plane's propellors. Unknown. At the end of the movie, Gabi found out she was not poisonous after all and was happy she could be able to have affection for the cockatoo. Download Image. My final curtain call. I don't want to feel like I'm cheating you. "Go do your monkey business." Nigel is noticeably stronger than most other bird characters in terms of physical strength, considering both his size and sharp talons. (Mauro: Papa?) When Ssssalbatore is released, Nigel ends up getting knocked down the mountain by him. ", "The croaking cockatoo doth bellow for revenge! While hiding in the bushes, he sees "Blu" nearby. Nigel is noticeably stronger than most other bird characters in terms of physical strength, considering both his size and sharp talons. This is unnatural! Ah yes, oh...well, unfortunately...they were trapped in a cave-in! Shorts. Download Image. His career ended probably somewhere between 1982 and 1983. Nigel(also calledNigel the Cockatoo) is the main antagonistof Blue Sky's 6th animated feature film,Rio, and Blue Sky's 9th animated feature film,Rio 2. After learning that everyone will be at the new show, he decides to use his newfound attention to his advantage and plots to kill Blu with a poisoned dart, using a porcupine quill as a dart, Gabi's venom for poison, and Charlie's long snout to fire the dart. He is a mute tamandua anteater working with Nigel and Gabi. He is the only bird to be plucked of nearly all his feathers. ", "Where are the cerulean birds? Nigel is a sadistic sulphur-crested cockatoo who used to be a TV star, but was replaced by a Parakeet, causing him to have a strong hatred for "pretty birds." Blu and Jewel are then chained together and locked up along with many other captured exotic birds. I'm diurnal myself... no, it just means I see better in the day. Nigel sees he's heading straight for a transformer. ", "One down and one to go." Nigel about to make his attempt to kill Blu. Gabi was afraid to get close to Nigel because of her poison because she loved him and wanted him alive. Nigel captured the Angry Birds, but not before they could break out. the film stars Jesse Eisenberg, Anne … ", "I'm sorry! Originally one of Nigel's henchmen, Charlie was hired by Nigel to assist him in his revenge plan against Blu. He is usually seen with a smile on his face. Or, to put it another way...YIKES! Nigel and Blu regain consciousness from the explosion, dangling upside-down in a cluster of vines. ", "You will be my petite weapon of mass destruction. Nigel wakes up after the song is over, thinking he just had a nightmare. (Blu: Jewel) (Jewel: Ow! ", "I must ask was all that evil worthwhile? For example, he used a cloth soaked with Chloroform to disable Sylvio at Tulio's aviary in an attempt to capture Blu and Jewel. Although, Rafael, Nico, and Pedro were overpowered and captured by Nigel off-screen before Blu had tried to free Jewel from her cage inside the smugglers' parade float. Nigel takes Jewel to the Carnival parade in the smugglers' float and uses her as bait to lure in Blu, Rafael, Nico, and Pedro. He is the leader of the illegal loggers who are deforesting the Amazon. And near the end of, Also, when Blu and Jewel were introduced to a group of, "What's the matter? Nigel sings "Pretty Bird" in the first film and "I Will Survive" in the second. ", "All right. ", "It's spin, right, grapevine left, and then, with you stage left. ", "Now I just have to find those two rich and discerning fans who will relaunch my career! Blu! ", "Your parents? Nigel is the overall main antagonist of the, Nigel is often thought to be the secondary antagonist of. ", "But who am I kidding? All I need is an idea. Then, after briefly mocking her, he flies away with her in his talons, laughing insanely. Loggers' defeat #2. Nigel the Cockatoo, known simply as Nigel, is the main antagonist in Rio, Rio 2 and Angry Birds Rio. ", "Glitter is the absolute essential for a magical performance. Games Movies TV Video. He serves as the central antagonist of the film Rio and one of the two main antagonists of Rio 2 (along with Big Boss ). Nigel is the main antagonist of the film Rio and it's sequel Rio 2. Nigel finds himself back in Rio, but his attempts to get attention are curtailed when Ssssalbatore (with Blu hanging on) knocks him down. Save me! "Well, that's a fair question. Nigel unlocks the door to allow Fernando to sneak in. The two were very reluctant to feed the latter, and they were constantly humiliated or threatened by the cockatoo. He also has unusually long and sharp talons for a cockatoo, and his feathers often molt. He is Blu's arch-nemesis. ", "Once these pesty passengers fall asleep, we'll show our blue friends some love. Nigel uses him as a form of transportation, riding on his back when he escapes the street fair with Gabi. Nigel is the reason why … Big Boss' death. After finishing his meal, Nigel comes to Blu and Jewel and explains the motivation of his evil nature with the song "Pretty Bird". ", "It's nearly impossible to make something ugly beautiful. He was born on For instance, he threatened to give Mauro and his subordinates \"flying lessons\" in order to coerce the marmosets into helping him find Blu and Jewel. When he makes his debut appearance, Nigel is greedy, arrogant, and treacherous. He is not a pretty bird, but used to be "quite a looker". While Nigel responded to Tipa's praise in a hostile manner, he seemed to accept Marcel's praise quite readily. Blu then opens the hatch and lets the birds escape out of the plane. Since then, he has had it out for all birds of beauty. Rio 2 is a 2014 American 3D computer-animated musical comedy film produced by Blue Sky Studios and directed by Carlos Saldanha.It is the sequel to the 2011 computer-animated film Rio and the studio's first film to have a sequel outside of their existing Ice Age franchise.The title refers to the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, where the first film was set and Rio 2 begins, though most of its plot occurs in the Amazon … found. I'll be pooping on your party promptly", "It only works when I do it." Once a popular TV star, he was replaced by a young Parakeet from Paraguay named Polly "to fill his shoes". Gabi: Nigel! "Oh, pity.". ", "You will spread out and you will find these macaws by the end of the day...", "...or it's FLYING LESSONS FOR EVERYONE!". He also seems to be ad… Well, that's a thought, yeah. ), "Oh, well, that's a thought, yeah. However, although he was a pet like Blu, he was trained to do a certain task (smuggling birds), unlike Blu. (Mauro: Save me! After recovering, Nigel heads back to the smugglers' hideout. "I know I'm not a pretty birdie, But I used to be quite a looker. Now we have two useless flightless birds." Nigel is a Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo and the main antagonist in the movie Rio and Rio 2. Nigel crashes into the transformer, blacking out the entire city. Nigel screams in horror as he's headed straight for the plane's propellor. ", "I was too young, too talented, too beautiful to live. It's a killer! He is not a pretty bird, but he used to be quite a looker. "To be continued.". Your burgled baubles bore me. However, his sickness is quickly revealed to be fake; that night, he tricks Sylvio into picking him up by pretending to be injured, then knocks him out with a Chloroform-soaked rag and steals his keys. ", (Mauro: Oh, yeah? Tipa nervously offers a chicken leg to Nigel. Nigel flies out of the prison room, cackling maniacally. During a performance, Nigel spots Blu and his family flying overhead. When Nigel grabs a bird, he tends to grasp his talons around its neck, as he did when he captured Jewel and tried to kill Blu on the smugglers' plane in, Nigel has three different names in the international versions of the films in the. Marcel comparing Nigel's intelligence to his Amando and Tipa's stupidity. Nigel crashes into the transformer, blacking out the entire city. He is voiced by Jemaine Clement. ", "When the time's right, I'll get new feathers and revenge! She helped heal Nigel after he suffered injuries from the plane crash at the end of Rio. ", "What are you looking at! Wikis. He likes to torture or terrorize exotic birds (mainly Macaws and Parakeets). A few years after the first film, Nigel, who suffered the most undignified of indignities (defeated by what he calls "the pretty birds" and losing his feathers in the process), is back. On several occasions, Jewel tried to fight Nigel, but was defeated by him. (Tiny: They said you were very nice. Image - Rio2-Gabi-2-icon.png FANDOM Powered By Wikia Imágenes De Rio PNG Image - Bia Up And Away.jpg. He knows his physical advantage and uses this to his ends throughout the franchise. What's in it for us?) Nigel screeches at Fernando when he attempts to free Blu and Jewel. Image detail for Rio Nigel Drawing : Title: Rio Nigel Drawing Date: July 17, 2018 Size: 544kB Resolution: 1024px x 1223px More Galleries of Rio: Nigel The Cockatoo By DrawingArtist3D On … ", "After all those years of indulging in wickedness. Gabi is incredibly loyal to Nigel and is deeply in love with him. His two most prominent passions are performing and being a villain. ", "We let … Cockatoo got your throat?". Instead of dragging Nigel away, Gabi stays with him in the spot where he fell. Jewel told him to let him go but instead, Nigel shoved Jewel over and a cage landed on her wing. ", "Now one lucky break can put me back on top again! Marcel was Nigel's owner. He kidnaps the Angry Birds along with other rare species. Nigel snaps his beak, nearly biting the poor little sparrow's leg off. As the main antagonist of the Rio franchise, Nigel exhibited highly anti-social behavior. Would you mind? This? Released three years after the first movie, Rio 2 deals with Blu, Jewel, and their kids having to fly into the heart of the Amazon, after Linda and Tulio discover that there just might be a wild flock of blue macaws living there. I was too young, too beautiful, to live. Nigel also makes no mention of his former owner in the second film. ", "The elixir is all gone, but who cares? ", "Unless... there may be a faster way to restore my lost luster. However, Nigel is initially oblivious on Gabi's affection for him and saw her as a friend. Nigel regains consciousness, staring at goggle-eyed chickens. ", "Keep celebrating. He is an evil Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo. I am again at last...a pretty bird! ", "Keep celebrating. Nigel reaches the macaws just as Gabi is about to poison Blu, and stops her, wanting Blu for himself. Nigel has considerably high endurance, notably surviving a plane crash (. Upon seeing the human object, he approaches Blu with suspicion and hostility, asking who he is and where he comes from. Nigel chasing Blu and Jewel down the rooftops of Rio. Nigel steals a woman's feather boa and glues the feathers to him, again trying to catch the producers' eyes. Despite this, it still rather unusual for a cockatoo to be fed chicken from most owners (but on the occasion, they need a little protein). While working at the fair, Nigel meets a small pink poison dart frog called Gabi - who has a crush on him - and a big mute anteater called Charlie, who wears a bowler hat and a bow tie. In a scene set between Nigel's defeat and the TV report, Blu and Jewel agree to spend summers and "the occasional weekend" in Rio. ", "My final curtain call. I mustn't let a single spark near my fine feathers! Big Boss is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Nigel) in 2014 film, Rio 2. That's Shakespeare, by the way. He was voiced by the late Miguel Ferrer who played the antagonist from Mulan. Charlie then catapults Nigel towards the blue macaw with his tongue and Nigel attacks the macaw and pins him, picking up a leaf-based "disguise" along the way. List of bird species in the Rio franchise, Since then, Nigel has had it out for all birds of beauty. During the struggle, Nigel is hit with the poisoned dart. However, he now flies like a chicken and wears an Elizabethan vest (which hides a large bald patch on his chest) due to his previous accident. Images and videos of the scheming cockatoo named Nigel from the Rio films. Cockatoo got your throat?" Directed by Carlos Saldanha. Forcing Charlie to carry him up a tree, Nigel spots the Spix's Macaw Tribe, and declares it an "infestation".

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